Become a vendor at EarperCon UK.

If you sell anything Wynonna Earp, TV/film, fandom or fantasy genre related then becoming a vendor at EarperCon UK is a great opportunity to showcase and sell your products/art to a wide range of like-minded fans.

The location of the vendor area is just outside the main hall, where fans will wait for their autograph/photo opportunities as well as hang around with their friends before and after the panels/meet & greets. This will provide ample browsing time throughout the area.

Please find everything you need to know about becoming a vendor below, and if you wish to apply please email us with your interest: - places will be extremely limited.

  • Cost of vendor pitch is £175.
  • This grants the vendor entrance to the vendor area only, and access to the evening parties. The vendor may purchase photo/auto ops at the event if they wish, but leaving their stand unattended is completely at their own risk.
  • EarperCon UK and the Marriott Hotel are not responsible for any loss/damage to vendor property.
  • The vendor area is 2m x 1m and we will provide x2 tables (front and backing table) and x2 chairs for use in your area. If only 1 table and chair is required please let us know.
  • You are not allowed to stick anything to the walls behind your vendor space. If you wish to do this then you may bring your own backing boards to enable you to do so.
  • The vendor may bring x1 other person with them to be a vendor assistant. The vendor assistant is only able to access the vendor area and cannot partake in any other convention activities whatsoever.
  • Set up is from 3pm on Friday 14th Sept.

  • You are not permitted to sell any kind of weaponry, manips or fanart of an explicit sexual nature at the convention.
  • You are not permitted to sell anything that you do not hold the copyright for. Any fanart/photographs etc must be completely your own work.
  • The vendor area will be open to attendees from 9am till 6.30pm on Saturday and Sunday therefore these are your trading times. Please ensure your table(s) are set up by these times ready to trade. The area will be open from 8am to allow you to do so.
  • There will be some storage space available to store your items in overnight which is lockable, however EarperCon UK and the Marriott Hotel cannot be held liable for any loss/damage to these items while stored.  Please note the vendor area will be walkable by attendees throughout the evening activities. There will be security patrolling the area throughout all evenings but if you do not store your items away then you leave them at your own risk.
  • The Marriott hotel will have wi-fi available throughout the convention area.
  • All sales transactions are between the vendor and purchaser only. EarperCon UK does not take responsibility, nor does it accept liability for any issues arising from any vendor transactions. EarperCon UK cannot process any transactions on either the vendor or purchasers behalf.
  • Please be aware that as a vendor your vendor space is your own responsibility and as such you are responsible for all Health and Safety requirements within that space. All matters pertaining to Public Liability insurance is at your own discretion and it is advised you seek this out if you do not already have it. Please note that if you do not have adequate Public Liability insurance then you accept all risk for whatever may occur within your vendor space. Neither EarperCon UK or the Marriott Hotel have Public Liability Insurance that covers vendors and therefore cannot be held liable should any incidents occur.
  • You MUST provide us with a copy of your valid Public Liability insurance document if you have it. Please send it to us at: when you have purchased your vendor pass. There is required information regarding PL insurance during the purchase process so please ensure you fill this in. If you do not have valid PL insurance then select 'no' in the dropdown menu and we will contact you with further information.
  • Please ensure there are no boxes/items outside of your area within the opening hours of the convention. We recommend items to be stored beneath your table neatly for easy access. Please do not allow any items to spill from your area and into the convention space as this will cause a breach of health and safety.

Images of the vendor area outside the main hall.