We are super excited that the amazingly talented artist Iddstar will be joining us at EarperCon UK 2018 to doodle for all of our attendees, for free! :)

​Find out some more information about her below, and be sure to visit her on the links provided to check out her awesome artwork.


"Hi folks!

My name is Vic Iddstar Hill and I’m a comic artist, storyteller… and Wynonna Earp addict. Picture the scene: It’s mid-summer 2017 and I decide to check out this ‘Wynonna Earp’ show I keep hearing about on Tumblr. The rest - and I’m sure you can all relate - is history. Since then I’ve been doodling characters from the show and have been absolutely blown away with the positive response from the Earper community - I’m so glad to have brought smiles to so many faces. Earpers really are kind, friendly and awesome. I’m absolutely thrilled to be attending EarperCon UK 2018, where I shall be putting my pen to paper to draw as many Earpy doodles as I can for everyone!"

​Website | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Redbubble