Peacemaker - Disabled + Carer

Purgatory - Disabled + Carer

Black Badge - Disabled + Carer



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​Please read our Terms and Conditions before you purchase any tickets.


Disabled/Carer Tickets

Please read our Terms and Conditions before you purchase any tickets.

Disabled tickets are available for EarperCon UK. These tickets will enable attendees to bring their carer with them free of charge, after buying one of the standard passes; Purgatory, Black Badge or Peacemaker.

The terms and conditions and included extras are as stated under each ticket on the website.

To ensure correct allocation of the Carer ticket, please *only* use the buttons below to purchase a standard pass and we will be notified to add a carer ticket to your order. Additionally, please email: info@earperconuk.com with proof of your Disability so we can tie everything up properly. 

*NB* Whilst your carer will have all the same access as you, they will not be entitled to signed autographs or have photographs taken with the guests. These will need to be purchased separately.

Please inform us of any special requirements you may have in order that we may make your convention experience as accessible as possible. For instance, if you require access for a wheelchair or if you have a walking aid.