Who is behind EarperCon?

Ashley Mansfield.
"With many years con experience and generally being a know it all, Ashley "the con man" Mansfield has joined the team to help manage staff and coordinate the day's events . He's fun, he's friendly so if see him come say hi and don't forget your dancing shoes or he will be sad on the dance floor."

One crazy night a ragbound loose group of Wynonna Earp fans came together and from a simple, throw away statement, decided to organise and run a convention dedicated to their favourite new TV show. After much discussion, ideas where hastily scribbled down and plans began to take form. Thus from very humble beginnings EarperCon UK was born. (No points for guessing where we took the name from!)

EarperCon UK itself, is a fan convention run by fans for fans. EarperCon UK is unique in that it is an Unincorporated Association [see here for more info] which means that everyone working for it does so as volunteers, receive no salary and the convention is built on a crowd-funding philosophy.

Whilst EarperCon UK is a collective, here are some names you might want to get to know.


Web/graphic designer.

"I am a huge fan of anything wlw fandom related and have been since well, Xena! A massive fangirl at heart I've been writing fan fiction for years, am also a fan artist and I'm now making custom minifigures for our favourite wlw shows because, well why not? I've been to a number of conventions over the past few years and I absolutely love meeting up with my con buddies and fangirling the weekend away with them. I've been an Earper since series 1 and of course absolutely adore Wayhaught; the bright spark at the end of our 2016 heartache. I went to EarperCon UK 2017 as a vendor, the first time I've ever done it and it was a great experience being involved with a con from a different angle, so to speak. Anyway! I also happen to be a designer, it's kind of my jam so I offered my services to Lisa and here we are! Excited to be involved :) I will more than likely be at the next (wlw genre show/fandom) con so if you see me come say hi, and definitely come say hi at EaperCon UK 2018! :D"

Lisa Blanco. (aka Elisabeth Blanco-Carrasco).
Director/Legal Executive.

“Hi there, I’m Lisa and I am the overall person responsible for this project. My background is in project management. I worked for the BBC assisting in the organisation of major music and TV programme and events such as: Top of The Pops, Radio 1 Road Shows, Glastonbury, Noel Edmond’s House Party, Grandstand, Lorna Doone (period costume drama) amongst many others. I now work in Business Management, driving and developing client business for my employers. I also recently completed my LLB – Law Degree and am studying for my LPC. I am a massive fan of all Sci/Fi, powerful women driven shows and Wynonna Earp got me by the scruff of the neck from day one and has never let go! I’m really looking forward to this experience. I hope to give everyone an Earptastic weekend full of Wynonna Earp fun."

Angela Stiven.
Social Media.

"I have been attending conventions for 18 years and I love everything about them. When the idea came up about running a Wynonna Earp convention for the fans how could I say no. So aside from being a fan of the show my previous work experience has given me the skills to help make this convention possible. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you at the convention and hope you all have an Earptastic weekend, we are going to have fun!"