​​Terms and Conditions.

  1. EarperCon UK will undertake everything in its power and within its control to ensure the viability of the convention. However, matters outside of our control may result in the cancellation of the convention, EarperCon UK will not accept liability for such cancellation.
  2. All guests appearing at the convention do so subject to work commitments. Should such a commitment mean they are no longer able to attend, EarperCon UK apologises in advance, however NO refunds will be given.
  3. All tickets purchased for the convention are done so on a Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable basis. There will be no upgrades to a higher-level ticket. If you are unable to attend the convention after purchasing a ticket you will be unable to return the ticket to EarperCon UK for resale, or gift to another individual. You are also unable to transfer any free items included in the ticket to another individual or have them obtain autographs or badges etc on your behalf. The returned ticket will become null and void.
  4. For 2018 tickets you will not receive an e-ticket you will receive a confirmation email with your name, badge type and number. Please ensure you save your email confirmation as this is required to collect your badge at the event. These must be presented at registration to be exchanged for a convention badge and wristband. Please ensure these are worn and are visible at all times during the event.
  5. In order to collect your badge and wristband you must provide a valid form of photographic ID such as a passport or driving licence.
  6. Any person presenting a confirmation email that does not match Earpercon UK records will not be permitted to enter the convention. The management’s decision is final.
  7. Any child aged 0-12 years will gain entry to the convention free, as long as they are accompanied with a full paying adult. Please be advised this does not entitle the child to free autographs. If the adult is attending with a Peacemaker ticket then then a £10 supplement charge is payable for each child attending the meet and greet meal. You must inform us at the time of purchasing the adult ticket if any children under the age of 12 are accompanying you and provide their name and proof of date of birth.
  8. Any person aged 13-16 qualifies for a Child Ticket which is sold at £40 per child. Proof of Date of Birth will be required when purchasing such tickets. If we establish that anyone under the age of 16 purchases an adult ticket for the convention then they shall be removed from the convention with no refund given. If you are already 16 then you must purchase an ADULT ticket.
  9. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted in any Meet & Greets sold as extras.  Please note this does not apply to the Peacemaker Meet and Greet meal.
  10. A Disabled person is entitled to 1 FREE carer ticket. When purchasing said ticket please ensure you use the relevant text box and add “Disabled Ticket”. The purchaser must then provide evidence of their disability via the Contact Form on the website or via direct email to: You may blank out any sensitive information such as NI numbers. Please ensure you include the ticket reference number to enable Earpercon UK to issue the correct ticket category. A Carers ticket will allow the Carer access to every event provided for by the Disabled ticket but does not allow for personal autograph or personal photos with the guests. Carers must purchase their own tickets for autograph/personal photos they may wish to have taken. Please advise us at the time of booking if you have any special requirements or if you are attending the convention and require wheelchair access.
  11. Emily's Workshop: Please be aware the minimum age to attend this event is 18+. ID will be required before entry is permitted. 
  12. Purchases of additional autograph/meet and greet and/or photo sessions will issued as a separate ticket included in the pack you will receive at registration.
  13. EarperCon UK is not liable for any issues or monetary losses associated with third parties.
  14. In the event of cancellation of the convention, EarperCon UK will not be liable for any charges from third parties or provide refunds for any charges from third parties.
  15. Alcohol will be sold at the bar in the convention area.  Bar staff may ask for identification to verify age, therefore, please ensure you carry ID with you at all times if you choose to buy alcohol. 
  16. Earpercon UK operates a strict no drugs policy. Anyone caught using or selling illegal drugs will be immediately ejected from the convention and handed over to the authorities. No refund will be given in such circumstances.
  17. Anyone who harasses either a guest or another attendee, displays hate fuelled behaviour, or causes a disturbance, either before, during or after the convention which is likely to bring the event into disrepute, they will be immediately banned/ejected from the convention and banned from re-entry. No refund will be given.
  18. Attendees are asked to comply with any instructions provided by EarperCon UK Staff at all times.
  19. In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of the hotel or EarperCon UK Staff.
  20. In the event of a complaint during the event, please consult a member of the EarperCon UK Staff.
  21. All EarperCon UK staff will be easily visible at the convention, as they will be wearing “Staff” t-shirts.
  22. EarperCon UK has a zero-tolerance policy on any abuse of any staff or volunteers. We will not tolerate any incidents of violence, aggression and/or rudeness by ANY attendee to the staff either physically or verbally.
  23. Should any attendee promote or advertise the breaking of rules set in place by EarperCon UK via social media sites leading up to and during the convention then they risk being banned from the convention.
  24. Please do not invite cast members to the convention via social media as this can affect contractual agreements and may hinder ongoing negotiations with cast members.
  25. There are occasions where the schedule may change at short notice. In order to be advised of changes Please ensure that you follow our social media sites, view the board notices displayed and follow staff instructions whilst in attendance at the convention 
  26. In the event of extreme circumstances, eg a guest falls ill or has to leave the convention, Earpercon UK cannot guarantee you will receive your photograph/autograph. In relation to photographs/autographs, due to time constraints we cannot guarantee that all attendees will receive these. We will however do our best to ensure that everyone will receive their photographs/autographs.
  27. In the main hall you cannot keep seats in between panel talks.
  28. Cameras and Photography are permitted; however, flash photography is only permitted during the first five minutes of the Panel Talks.​ We ask that you be aware of your fellow attendees when taking pictures during panel talks and do not block their view or disturb them. Photographs are not permitted in or during photographs/meet & greets or autograph sessions. Please also do not attempt to photograph or ask for selfies whilst the guests are moving around the convention area. Anyone caught breaking the photography/video rules will be asked to delete the relevant photograph/video. Persistent offenders who break this rule will be removed from the convention.
  29. As stated, Videoing is not permitted during the convention and we ask that you respect the guest’s privacy and do not film them at any point, this also includes at the evening parties. This also includes periscope/live streaming which is not permitted. This is illegal and a copyright breach.
  30. Mobile phones must be either on flight mode or on silent when in the in autographs/meet & greets and photograph sessions. Any attendee breaking the rules will be asked to delete the video and if they refuse or continue to break the rules then they shall be removed from the convention.
  31. Please do not ask the guests for selfies at any point during the convention.
  32. We regret that we have been specifically asked by the cast for attendees not to bring gifts. Whilst they love the generosity and thoughtfulness of their fans, as they are flying home they do not have spare weight allowance or luggage capacity to accept the gifts​.
  33. The guests have asked that in lieu of gifts, if fans could please donate to a charity on their behalf.
  34. Anyone who attempts to present a gift may find the gift is confiscated and given to charity instead. Please be respectful of other attendees who have abided by this rule.
  35. By agreeing to have photo taken by our photographers you are agreeing that your image may be used on our social media to either advertise the event. You also agree that your digital down loads of your photo will be loaded onto our website and accessed via a password provided to attendees only.
  36. There will be a videographer at the event both during panels and filming in general. Any footage taken by the Videographer remains the intelectual property of EarperCon UK. By attending the convention you are consenting to being filmed.
  37. Buy purchasing your ticket for the event you accept that EarperCon is not responsible for any bodily injury to attendees or loss or damage to personal belongings
  38. If you have any questions regarding EarperCon UK, the convention, guests, tickets, hotel or anything relating to the event, please contact EarperCon UK direct. If this is before the event, you can contact us via the “Contact” page of our website or via email to
  39. ​​EarperConUK reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions at any time