15th - 17th September 2017

The London Heathrow Marriott Hotel

Terms and Conditions

  • EarperCon UK will undertake everything in its power and within its control to ensure the viability of the convention. However, matters outside of our control may result in the cancelation of the convention, for which EarperCon UK will not accept liability for such cancelation.
  • All guests appearing at the convention do so subject to work commitments. Should such a commitment mean they are no longer able to attend, EarperCon UK apologises in advance, however no refund will be given
  • All tickets purchased for the convention are done so on a Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable basis.
  • All tickets will be confirmed as e-tickets with the purchasers name printed on the ticket. These must be presented at registration on the morning of Saturday 16th September 2017 to be exchanged for a convention lanyard and wristband.
  • Any person presenting an e-ticket that does not match the records of all tickets sold, held by EarperCon, will be barred from entering the convention. The registration team’s decision is final.
  • Any child attending the convention aged 0-12 years of age can attend free, as long as they are with a full paying adult.
  • Any person aged 13-16 qualifies for a Child Ticket which is sold at £40/child. Proof of Date of Birth will be required when purchasing such tickets.
  • A Disabled/Handicap person is entitled to 1 FREE carer ticket. When purchasing such ticket please ensure you use the text box and add “Disabled/Handicap Ticket”. The purchaser must then provide evidence of their disability/handicap either via the Contact Form on the website or via direct email to; info@earperconuk.com Please ensure you include the ticket reference number to enable Earpercon UK to tie up the tickets. A Carers ticket will allow the Carer access to every event provided for by the Disabled/Handicap’s ticket but does not allow for personal autograph or personal photos with the guests. Carers must purchase their own ticket for autograph/personal photos they wish to have.
  • Purchases of additional autograph and/or photo sessions will issued as a separate e-ticket which must be presented at registration where it will be exchanged for a single lanyard autograph/photo session pass.
  • EarperCon UK is not liable for any issues or monetary losses associated with third parties.
  • In the event of cancelation of the convention, EarperCon UK will not be liable for any charges from third parties or provide refund for any charges from third parties.
  • EarperCon UK operates a strict no alcohol policy. No alcohol will be sold at the event and no alcohol may be bought into the event. Anyone caught doing so, will be immediately ejected from the convention and banned from re-entry. No refund will be given in such circumstances
  • Earpercon UK operates a strict no drugs policy. Anyone caught using or selling illegal drugs will be immediately ejected from the convention and handed over to the authorities. No refund will be given in such circumstances.
  • Anyone who harasses either a guest or another attendee, displays hate fuelled behaviour , or causes a disturbance likely to bring the event into disrepute will be immediately ejected from the convention and banned from re-entry. No refund will be given.
  • Attendees are asked to comply with any instructions provided by EarperCon Staff at all times
  • In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of EarperCon Staff
  • In the event of a complaint during the event, please consult a member of the EarperCon Staff.
  • All EarperCon UK staff will be easily visible at the convention, as they will be wearing “Staff” t-shirts.
  • If you have any questions regarding EarperCon UK, the convention, guests, tickets, hotel or anything relating to the event, please contact EarperCon UK direct.  If this is before the event, you can contact us via the “Contact” page of our website www.earperconuk.com or via email to info@earperconuk.com

Autograph and Photograph ticket - terms and conditions

  1. ​​ As part of your entrance ticket to the convention, all attendees have the following photograph and autograph extras built in;
    • ​​All tickets allow for ONE item to be autographed by each member of the cast ONLY
    • Only Black Badge & Peacemaker tickets gives you ONE personal photo with ONE member of the cast ONLY
  2. ​The included photo opportunity only applies to SINGLE guest opportunities. This inclusion does not extend to either DUO Photos or to the Full Cast Photos Those are separate tickets and must be bought as such. 
  3. If you wish to have a photo taken with another member of the cast then you MUST buy an ADDITIONAL photograph/autograph ticket for EACH cast member you want
  4. You may only purchase ONE Photo ticket per guest, for the whole of the convention. You will not be able to have your photo taken with the same guest *twice* This is to ensure that everyone who wishes to have their photo taken with the guests, has time to do so. 
  5. Exclusive Duo photos are set as is. They are NOT changeable. If you buy single tickets but want a duo opportunity with cast members not listed as a Duo opportunity, we regret that due to time constraints this is simply not possible.
  6. Cast photos are limited to one per person, to enable all attendees and opportunity to buy these limited items. This applies to both days of the convention, so it is thus essential you chose when purchasing if you want the photo taken on the Saturday *OR* the Sunday. It cannot be both days. 
  7. Photos will be printed out and ready for collection as soon as possible.
  8. All Purgatory, Black Badge and Peacemaker tickets include ONE item that will be autographed by the guests
  9. Guests will only autograph the following;
    • Photo taken by our photographer
    • Photo of a cast member as their Wynonna Earp character. These will be exclusive to EarperCon and will be on sale at the convention
    • ONE personal item of your choice. Please have this ready for show to volunteers at the autograph desk before actual signing.
  10. ​If you wish to have any more items autographed, you must purchase additional autograph as required with the guest of your choice. The maximum limit of items that a guest will autograph is THREE. this INCLUDES your first 'free' item. 
  11. Ticket numbers will be called out on the relevant days in blocks of 50 at a time. In addition visual reminders will be present to show which numbers have been called. PLEASE ensure that you turn up at your announced time as we cannot guarantee your ticket will be valid at another time.
  12. Please note all autograph and photograph tickets are subject to time constraints
  13. These tickets are NON refundable and NON exchangeable, so please make sure you buy the correct ticket on the correct day. During the photo sessions and autograph signings please be aware that NO RECORDING DEVICES SUCH AS CAMERA PHONES OR IPADS/TABLETS OR SIMILAR may be used. This is at the specific request of the talent and their agents. Please do not attempt to use such devices and follow the instructions given by EarperCon staff at all times