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General entrance tickets to EarperCon UK 2018 are now ALL SOLD OUT!
Thanks to everyone who has brought a ticket, we look forward to seeing you all in September for a great event!

The release schedule for all our extra's for EarperCon UK 2018 is as follows:

1st March: Photo ops & Emily's Writer's Workshop. 1st April: Autograph ops. TBC June: Meet & Greets.

Please find pricing for all extra's below.

A meet & greet is your opportunity to spend a limited amount of time with one or more of our guests as part of a small group of fans. This is a much more private meeting where you and a few others will get to chat with the guests on a more personal level, in a quieter space.

Meet & greet's are limited to x1 per person. Each guest will have their own meet & greet session, aside from Dominique and Katherine who will do one together as a 'Wayhaught' meet & greet.

There is a maximum of 10 places available per meet & greet session that will last a maximum of 30 minutes. These will sell out fast and once they do no more will be released so please don't wait to purchase if you want to avoid disappointment. Under 12's will not be allowed inside the meet & greets.

​There will be a number of rules to abide by once inside these sessions and we will make you aware of these prior to the meet & greet starting. In all circumstances the comfort of our guests is paramount.

Please be aware of what photo's are included in your convention ticket. All Peacemaker tickets include x1 full cast photo. All Black Badge tickets include x1 photo with Dominique, Katherine, Emily, Tamara or Varun. You should have already selected your Black Badge free photo, if you haven't please email:

You may purchase as many photo tickets for each regular guest as you wish over the whole of the convention. There are restrictions on the amount of overall tickets sold per day for the purposes of timings however, the restriction is not applicable to a guest, just overall time. For Bonus Guests, the restrictions are as follows; Melanie (x3/person) Tim (x3/person)

The guests in each duo photo op are set. Please do not request alternative duo shoots. 

Child Photo Tickets - These are available for purchase in our shop. Please note that where no option is available, a full adult ticket will need to be purchased for the child. We apologise for this, unfortunately owing to certain contractual obligations we are unable to offer child discounts on those photos.

All photo ops will be limited so buying early to avoid disappointed is recommended.

Melanie and Tim are bonus guests and as such there are no free photo's included in your convention ticket with these guests. They must be purchased separately.

Please be aware each Purgatory, Black Badge and Peacemaker ticket includes x1 free autograph from each regular guest.

Each guest carries a limit of how many autograph's you are able to have from them over the weekend. This limit includes the free autograph that comes with each convention ticket. Limits are as follows: Dominique (x2), Katherine (x2), Varun (x3), Emily (x3), Tamara (x3), Melanie (x3), Tim (x5).

You will only be allowed to enter the autograph room once, regardless of how many autographs you have purchased. This means you will see each guest once, and they must sign all autographs then. Guests will be split into two groups for the autograph sessions and you will see one group on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Please review our T's&C's for what can and can't be signed.

Melanie and Tim are bonus guests and as such there are no free autograph's included in your convention ticket with these guests. They must be purchased separately.

Register for the Friday night free activities at EarperCon UK 2018! There are a few to choose from, so click the link and see which ones are available to you. Please note if you have a Peacemaker ticket then you will be at the Friday evening meet & greet dinner and therefore won't be able to attend these activities.

All activities are open to those aged 12 years and over, but please be aware there may be some adult content throughout each one. You must register for each activity you want to attend.

You must of course have purchased a ticket to the convention to be able to attend these activities. There are limited spaces available for each activity so please don't delay in registering your attendance.

Description: Have you ever wanted to write for television? Are you a writer who would like to learn from someone with television experience -- or just a civilian curious as to how it gets made? In this workshop, Andras will detail how to start script-writing and how to navigate the industry. She'll explain how to 'break down' your own script, get a job in a TV Writers' Room -- and eventually sell and produce your own show. She'll divulge the keys to developing a vision and give tips on staying true to your voice (and that of your characters). All in all, this workshop will be an inclusive and collaborative place where the attendee is free to bring ideas to the table, regardless of their experience (amateurs and pros welcome!). So, come and learn from Emily Andras herself...and don’t forget to bring your sense of humour, Shit Tickets.

This interactive workshop will run for two hours, from 3pm - 5pm on Friday 14th September at the Marriott Hotel. Entry is £120 and is limited to 100 places. PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT IS FOR 18+ ONLY. ID WILL BE REQUIRED BEFORE ENTRY IS PERMITTED.

You will be able to register for the convention prior to the workshop beginning as you will need your relevant passes to gain entry.

Please find information about each of our extra's below and follow the link to purchase them. Some extra's may be available to purchase at the con but this is not guaranteed.

If you have any questions please email:

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