"Hi folks!

My name is Vic Iddstar Hill and I’m a comic artist, storyteller… and Wynonna Earp addict. Picture the scene: It’s mid-summer 2017 and I decide to check out this ‘Wynonna Earp’ show I keep hearing about on Tumblr. The rest - and I’m sure you can all relate - is history. Since then I’ve been doodling characters from the show and have been absolutely blown away with the positive response from the Earper community - I’m so glad to have brought smiles to so many faces. Earpers really are kind, friendly and awesome. I’m absolutely thrilled to be attending EarperCon UK 2018, where I shall be putting my pen to paper to draw as many Earpy doodles as I can for everyone!"

​Website | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Redbubble

We are super excited that the amazingly talented artist Iddstar will be joining us at EarperCon UK 2018 to doodle for all of our attendees, for free! :)

​Find out some more information about her below, and be sure to visit her on the links provided to check out her awesome artwork.