​​Who are/is EarperCon?
EarperCon is run by a group of volunteers working in their spare time to bring together what we truly hope will be *the* convention for Wynonna Earp. We are all massive fans of the show and have experience working at conventions and major festivals. For more info please visit the “who are we?” page. The overall director of EarperCon UK is; Elisabeth Blanco-Carrasco [LLB].

  • I bought my ticket but used my parents/friends PayPal account, what should I do?
    • Please email us immediately at, tell us: whose account was used to make the purchase, what the transaction number is, what type of ticket(s) did you buy, whose name should be on the ticket and which email address we should send the e-ticket(s) to. This will help to avoid unnecessary confusion, delays and saves administration time for our ticketing team.
  • ​My friend/parent bought me a photo/autograph ticket, as a gift is that O.K?
    • ​Please be aware that for security reasons, all tickets are issued in the name given to us by PayPal. If someone wants to buy attendee a ticket as a gift, they will not be able to do so. Each Photo/Autograph ticket must be in the name of the person on the ticket itself. Therefore we strongly urge gift givers to provide the recipient with the monetary means to buy the ticket themselves directly with EarperCon UK.
  • ​I can't come to Earpercon but I've bought an autograph ticket that my friend will use to get me the autograph, is this O.K?
    • ​We regret that this is not possible. Anyone wishing to have a photo or autographs MUST also have purchased a convention ticket first. As all tickets sold are in the PayPal payer's name, it will not be possible to get an autograph for someone other then the named individual on the ticket
  • I’ve paid for my ticket and got a PayPal receipt but no ticket?
    • Everyone who buys a ticket through PayPal should receive notification from PayPal that the transaction has been successful. EarperCon UK will send you an acknowledgement confirmation email.e-ticket direct to the email address PayPal gives us. EarperConUK will then send you an email with details of your ticket, your name, ticket type and ticket number. This is what you will require to bring to the convention with you in exchange for your pack. We aim to have your email to you within 5 -7 working days of purchase. Please allow time for this to occur before seeking assistance. If after this time you have not received anything, please email, tell us when you bought the ticket, whose PayPal account did you use, what ticket(s) did you buy and we will check our records. Please do not get in touch before this time has elapsed as our ticketing team are very busy and won’t be able to reply any quicker.
  • ​I have bought two or more entrance tickets for my partner/husband/wife/child/etc, how do I tell you whose name should be on the other tickets?
    • ​Please email us at and tell us what you have bought, the PayPal transaction number and in whose name the other tickets should be. This will save on delays to receiving tickets
  • ​I want to come to EarperCon and I am under 16, is this O.K?
    • ​All people attending EarperCon, who are under the age of 16, must be accompanied by a fully paying adult.
  • ​I want to bring/accompany a child to the convention, how do I do this?
    • ​Children's ticket are available to purchase. For each ticket required, proof of each child's date of birth must be emailed to for verification purposes.
    • If the child is aged 0-12, they will receive a free child entrance ticket, alongside the adult ticket.
    • If the child is between 13-16, you will need to buy a child ticket [please click here to buy], alongside the adult ticket. If you are 16 already then you must purchase an ADULT ticket.
  • ​What do I need to bring with me to registration?​
    • Your confirmation email printed out. You must also bring ID which matches the name exactly as is printed on your e-ticket. This is essential for the security of all at the convention. ID should be either a driver’s licence or a passport or a photographic ID card of some description [e.g your student union card, age confirmation card, travel card, work security pass etc, etc].
  • What is included in my ticket?​​​​​​
    • Purgatory = Provides for one autograph from each cast member (excluding any bonus guests). The item to be autographed will not be provided by EarperCon UK. It must be one of the three items as outlined below.
    • ​Black Badge = Includes the above and one SINGLE photo with one SINGLE CAST member (excluding any bonus guests). The item to be autographed will not be provided by EarperCon UK. It must be one of the three items as outlined below.
    • Peacemaker = Includes one autograph from each cast member (excluding any bonus guests) and one group cast photo. The item to be autographed will not be provided by EarperCon UK. It must be one of the three items as outlined below.
  • What can be autographed?
    • ​Guests will only autograph up-to a maximum of three items, including the free one. These items can only be any of the following;
    1. The printed photo taken with the guest at the convention [photos will be done before autograph sessions take place].
    2. A printed cast photo which will be sold at the convention by EarperCon UK. These will be high quality promotional photos given to us by IDW Entertainment/Cast Agents.
    3. Any personal item you wish to bring. However, please note that this should not be a large or cumbersome object. It should also be appropriate and not cause undue offence or uncomfortableness for the guest to sign. EarperCon staff will inspect each personal item to ensure it meets these restrictions.
  • How do the autographs work?
    • ​You can only go into the autograph room once, and therefore see each individual guest once in order to get your autographs. You will not be allowed to go through the autograph process multiple times.
    • You will be able to purchase more autographs at the event however you will still only be able to go through the autograph room once.

Do and Don’ts during the convention.
  • Do not interrupt a guest as they are moving around the venue.
  • Do not ask for a selfie with the guest whilst they are moving around the venue.
  • Do not video the guest as they move around the venue or ask them to appear in a video.
  • Do not follow guests into areas that are out of bounds.
  • Do not attempt to video any of the events; e.g. panels, meet & greets, photo ops, whilst getting autographs, during any workshops etc.
  • Do not Periscope or live stream any of the events.

  • Do have lots of fun!
  • Do interact with us on our social media sites.
  • Do take lots and lots of photos at the convention with your friends, including all the new ones you will make. Feel free to send them to us and we might just put them up for all to see during the disco!
  • Do take part in the raffles/competitions.
  • Do have questions for the guests during the panels.
  • Do tweet about the convention before, during and after!
  • Do Cos-Play if you want. The best one(s) gets a prize at the end of the convention.
  • Do have a boogie down at the disco.
  • Do ask the staff and volunteers for assistance if you get stuck.

Always follow instructions given by EarperCon Staff at all times. In the event of any problems, concerns or issues, please find a member of staff and ask for assistance.